The Vision

To bring together all individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that believe in leadership and to translate their energies into achievements that impact the way and quality of life and society.

The Mission

India Leadership Network has a mission to create at least 1,00,000 leaders in life, society and organizations and to impact lives of at least 100 million people with sustained transformation.

Strategic Model

The strategic model of India Leadership Network is that of a global resource platform

Application Areas

Collaborative Socio-commercial model

Each initiative planned has a few key elements
  1. A clear impact in the given area of the initiative
  2. Collaborative in nature, with potential for varied participation of individuals and organizations
  3. Having a strong commercial model to ensure "sustainability", to ensure sustained transformation in the given area
  4. Having ample scope for leadership and entrepreneurship development
  5. Will use the nationwide resource platform of India Leadership Network, and also contribute in expanding it
  6. Will create synergy with other initiatives of ILN