20 Seconds Network

Welcome to a global vision to protect people and to prevent crime and terrorism. It is an initiative of India Leadership Network. See the video below for an overview.

How it Works?

When in doubt, fear or immediate threat, an alarm triggered through smartphone app or wearable device (for children and elderly) creates an emergency hotzone connecting everyone within range of help. They can help and/or escalate to police and emergency services using the same hotzone.

All basic technologies in the solution already exist. However, it is the super fast response (~20 seconds) possible using an innovative real-time co-ordination system that makes the difference to prevent, protect and rescue.

Response Based on Level of Threat

The response type would vary with different levels of threat...
  1. Fear - Standby for support if danger turns out to be real
  2. Suspicion - Verify threat and eliminate false alarm
  3. Immediate Threat - Hand-holding for escape
  4. About to be attacked - Direct intervention to deter criminal
  5. Crime in progress - Direct intervention to minimize damage
  6. Immediately after crime or disaster - Direct intervention for rescue

Seeking Angels

We are in early stages and require funding. If interested to invest, write to us at

Project Details

It is a multi-disciplinary project spanning diverse areas of Telecommunications & Networking, Human-machine interaction, Visual communication, Cognitive and Behavioural psychology, Structured Communication, Social emergency response patterns and lot more.

Technologies Development

  • Smartphone app will be primarily used for communication and co-ordination
  • Hardware devices, wearable devices and sensors will provide extended coverage for protecting children, elderly, vehicles, valuables and homes /premises.
  • Much new technology development is planned to be done at IIT Bombay
  • Project will also be open source, so that entrepreneurs can extend it to new technologies, new needs and new application areas, while existing security providers can integrate it with their products and services.

The Core Engine

What makes real-time response possible is the real-time communication, co-ordination and collaboration engine. It is based on patterns of communication, consensus, leadership, delegation and escalation that mimic real-world patterns of behaviour of ad-hoc / transient groups in high-intensity, fast-moving situations.


The project is led by Manoj Acharya, the founder of India Leadership Network, currently supported by an transient team. Formal team will be in place in 2015 Q1. List of advisors and team members will be published on this page soon.


20 Seconds Network will be launched in 2015, free for everyone.