April 19, 2013

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Minutes of the meeting held on 6th April, 2013

Members present - V. Ramprasad, Ambadas Kshirsagar, Cholleti Harish, Vasanth Kumar & Sreedhar Narpala

1)                Out of 6 other members who have informed us to attend could not attend the meeting due to certain personal developments.

2)                Mr. Ramprasad informed the house that as per the communication from Mr. Manoj Acharya, I L N and the communique from LinkedIn he has been asked to function as the manager for the chapter and 2 more managers have to be nominated.  After discussion with concerned members and findings of active participation, and technical skills, the following 2 other managers have been nominated to run the chapter in concurrence with them.

Mr. Ambadas Kshirsagar & Mr. Cholleti Harish.

3)                We take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Harish for winning the prestigious India Leadership award for Industrial Development by the All India Achievers Foundation.  It is noteworthy that Mr. Harish is the sole representative from the South. We are proud that a ILN member of Hyderabad Chapter who is very active and prompt in attending meetings also is a great contributor to the discussions. We are attaching the link here in for you all to see his achievement. Please join us in congratulating him.

Link of the award receiving photographs:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.601357446559142.1073741825.100000546752092&type=1

4)                There are around 6134 members of ILN in and around Hyderabad. We request all these members to join the Hyderabad chapter and strengthen the chapter hands.

5)            It has been decided that virtual meets will be a regular feature of the chapter; again an idea contribution by Mr. Cholleti Harish. All members who join the chapter again through the recent link sent can access the virtual meet after signing up.

6)            ILN on enquiry have informed us that the recent board formed at the Chennai chapter is a good template and hence we propose to have in the ensuing meeting on the 19th evening to be held at The Calculus, we propose to have either elections or nominations for the following posts.

  • President – 1 post

  • Vice president- Program and Public Relations

  • President- Members and Communication

  • Vice President- Volunteer and Out reach

  • Vice president- Finance & Advocacy

  • Vice President- Technical and Virtual (New – proposed for the Hyderabad Chapter)

Please see ILN Chennai Chapter Org Structure and the Board’s responsibility.

We can discuss this in the coming meeting and take a decision. This is being forwarded so that all members would give suitable suggestions on the same.

We invite nominations for the above posts from those interested and if you are nominating any other member please take his concurrence for doing the same. Kindly note, all members who are nominated and seconding them would have to attend the meet on the 19th without fail in person. Before coming for the meeting, please ensure that you have joined the chapter through the link sent to you.

7)            We have received a proposal in the last meeting, that awards should be instituted for the following.

  • Education:

    • Best Engineering College

    • Best Management College

  • Business:

    • Start up

  • Most innovative Business

  • Customer trusted Brand

    • SME

  • Best Business

While we are still working out the details of these awards, we would request members to come forward to suggest any other awards that they may prose and work out the details. Your contribution on the above subject is welcome. The members present felt, that it is time that the chapter contributes to Leadership Development and Entrepreneur development. Members’ ideas and suggestions are welcome.

8)            It is proposed to have the next meeting on the 19th of April at 5 pm at The Calculus, Begumpet as it is felt that many members of ILN are from the IT industry and they would find it convenient to attend a Friday evening meeting or at least join us virtually. Your views are welcome. A separate meeting invite will be sent with the links to the virtual meeting.

Kindly note that the ideas that are being generated even form a few members who attend are flowing and we wish that many more members would join to make the chapter healthy and active.

Posted by Managers to the chapter:

  • Varanasi Ramprasad

  • Ambadas Kshirsagar

  • Cholleti Harish


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