April 4, 2013

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - March 17th, 2013 - Meeting Minutes

The following members were present for the meeting held at The Calculus Office.

  1. Mr. Ambadas Kshirsagar

  2. Mr. V.Ramprasad

  3. Mr.K.V.N. Parthasarathy &

  4. Mr.Cholleti Harish

A few other members have informed either by SMS or phone their inability to attend the meet due to some personal reasons.

We have clearly asked the members to inform us about when it would be convenient for them to attend the meeting and we have also sent a POLL for them to participate (Courtesy Mr. C. Harish). In spite of this it is disappointing to note that nobody has taken any pains to inform or participate in the poll.  Only the normally active members have conveyed some opinion and we look forward to better co-ordination from members to take our momentum forward.

Even then the discussions held were very fruitful.  The minutes are as follows.

  • The Physiotherapy awareness program could not be held due to unforeseen circumstances and it stands postponed to a different date.

  • Mr.Ramprasad informed that during the meetings many members present express their desire to come forward to conduct activities and propose some and they don’t seem to follow up in formulating the action steps. This should be corrected.

  • Due to many members being absent, election or nomination of the governing body for the chapter has been postponed.

  • Regarding fund collection and management, it is important to have a body first to open an account t in the bank.

  • A new point of interest as proposed by Mr.  C. Harish is that a onetime fee of Rs. 1000.00 may be collected from members as annual subscription to start with instead of peace meal arrangement. This has to be examined and accepted.

  • All details of each member has to be registered in a form for the chapter with all details and the signatures appended.

  • It is felt that at least each member has to attend the first meet for this purpose.

  • Virtual meet can also be simultaneously organized when members meet monthly so that those who are unable to attend in person may join virtually and participate. (Provided they have registered in person at least once).

  • A trial virtual meet was held at the instance of Mr. C. Harish which was successful for those who could join in. Hence probably this could be once option that could be explored.

  • The following points were discussed to boost the active participation of members.

      1. A detailed benefit plan for the Chapter members to be prepared

      2. An identity card for each member that he is a member of the ILN Chapter –Hyderabad.

      3. A certificate for those who actively participate.

      4. A platform for development of entrepreneurs can be organized by the chapter.

      5. Programs for leadership development may be organized.

A very good suggestion has been put forward by Mr. C. Harish that is worth examining and be implemented immediately. The chapter can publish a brochure empanelling the services of the respected active members whose services can be offered to any corporate who wants to utilize the talents of the chapter.

To enable this to happen, all active members who are desirous of empaneling themselves are requested to send in a small CV of their expertise not exceeding 5-6 lines each by email to the chapter at thecalculshyd@gmail.com / vrphyd@gmail.com

All members are requested to send in their views on the above points raised by email.

Members are requested to contribute your views about what other benefits we can offer to the members of the chapter.

A welcome and benefit plan for the chapter is being proposed to be made by Slide Share which also can be shared on Skype etc.

It was also proposed that the next meet can be a get together for members at a hotel for dinner on participative and contributive style.

We find that these discussions at this meet have been very contributory and request all members to feel free to express their views and become active so that all of us can be befitted by real networking and pooling of strengths and talents.

Next Meet:

It is proposed that the next meet should be held as a get together meet of members on the 6th of April in a centrally located Hotel. The venue would be informed shortly after 1st April and the meeting would begin by 7.00 pm on the 6th April.

All members are requested to send in their contribution of Rs.400/- for this get together by 31st March, 2013 date to Mr. Ambadas in his bank account or personally at The Calculus office positively. Mr. Ambadas will provide the Bank Account information to the members who confirm availability and request the same. Kindly treat this as RSVP and your timely contribution to this get together would allow you to participate and this would determine you being considered as an active member. During this meet, you would be required to fill in the membership form that is being proposed. We are hoping that at least 10 members would be able to attend the Dinner meeting.

For ILN Hyderabad Chapter

Varanasi Ramprasad/ Ambadas Kshirsagar / KVN Parthasarathy / Cholleti Harish.

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