March 12, 2013

ILN Chennai Chapter - Round Table Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship- Way forward

The round table discussion on Social Entrepreneurship was held on 9th March 2013 at Pristine Consulting, Chennai.

Core Committee Members:
Navin Kumaar
Shefali Veda

A. G. Joseph
Balaji G
Latha Suresh
Akash Agarwal

Venue courtesy: Vittal Raj

Meeting was chaired by Mr.A. G. Joseph - Chairperson for Social Entrepreneurship committee, ILN Chennai. Views and opinions on social entrepreneurship was given by all the attendees. Latha Suresh shared her views and experience on Social Entrepreneurship training & development. After an intense brainstorming session, Chairperson summarized the meeting, concluded with his remarks on how we can proceed, and mentioned that a roadmap document will be submitted/shared in a fortnight. Vote of thanks was given by Chairperson.

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