March 4, 2013

ILN-Bangalore Chapter, MOM of FEB 16th 2013 Meeting


Members Present:

1. Renuka Manoj
2. Sanjay Bhardwaj
3. Dinakar
4. Shirley Joseph
5. Doddaiah
6. Naveen
7. R.S. Prasad
8. Arham
9. Poongavans
10. Prof. Deepak Singh

1. The meeting began with a welcome by Ms Renuka Manoj to all members present.

2. Special mention was made of Dr Manohar’s efforts in dentifying the venue which enabled the members to have a fruitful meeting. Sincere thanks is conveyed to him, Mrs. Anuradha (Principal of Al Ameen College) and Prof. Deepak Singh for their support.

Points Discussed:

a) Formation of Core Committee:
For the Chapter to go forward with its thoughts and proposals, it was decided to have a core committee which will assist in smooth functioning of the Chapter. For the present, the Core Team will consist of:

General Secretary, Strategic Coordinator, Mentors, Member Coordinator, Event Promoter, Project Coordinator.

Accordingly the following members have volunteered to take responsibility of:

General Secretary : Mrs. Renuka Manoj
Member Coordinator(s) : Mr Raghu Srikanth
Strategic Coordinator(s): Mr Dinkar and Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj
Project Coordinator(s): Mrs Shirley Joseph
Mentor(s): Mr Winston Jacob
Event Promotions - Online : Mr Ranvijay

b) Project: Used-book Donation:
After lot of deliberations, to start with, it was decided to set up our first library in a needy school by contributing used books, magazines journals etc. Mrs Shirley Joseph was given the task to identify the school, coordinate with the principal and arrange for a meeting. Some members felt that we kick start this project right away without further delay. Hence, it was decided to fix a time on Saturday, March 2nd and meet at a convenient place close to the identified school. Further details on this will be informed to all latest by 26th/27th February 2013.

c) Youth Development:
The main purpose of ILN is to create leaders in our society. To accomplish this goal, members felt that the initial step would be to educate the outgoing school and college students regarding their future career choices. Therefore, it was decided to identify accomplished leaders on Pro Bono basis to share their experiences and perception of the various careers for the graduates / Post Graduates to be, to get insights for making their respective career choices.

Mr Dinakar and Mr Sanjay have agreed to develop modules wherein topics will be identified; presentations prepared and programmed to organize seminars ranging from 2 - 4 hours followed by Q&A sessions, in various engineering colleges/management colleges etc. The progress on this will be circulated among members.

4. The meeting ended with a note of thanks to all.

Warm Regards,
ILN-Bangalore Chapter Team

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