February 20, 2013

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Minutes of the meeting held on 9th February, 2013

Venue: The Calculus, Paigah Colony, S.P.Road, Secunderabad.


The following members attended the meeting.

  1. Ambadas Kshirsagar.

  2. V.Ramprasad

  3. Vasanth Kumar

  4. Udayan Bakshi

  5. Naveen

  6. N. Sreedhar

  7. Dr. Archana Rupanagudi

  8. P.N. Parnandi- Marketing Manager-Spectramed*

  9. R. Ravikanth-Psychologist*

The last two marked* are LinkedIn members who are new to ILN chapter.

The members of Hyderabad chapter send in their warm felicitations to Mr. Manoj Acharya for successfully leading I LN for the past 5 years.

The following were discussed.

MS. Ambadas and V. Ramprasad briefed on the last few meetings in the chapter and the activities planned and done.  Mr. Ambadas was requested to contact once again Dr. Raghavaiah about the minutes of the awareness program held last month or else post it himself without any delay.

Mr. Ramprasad briefed on the MedhoSampathhi activity and how the awareness brought in by I L N members has drawn corporate giants like DELL to come forward to financially help the NGO. Further Mrs. Meena, MD of the NGO has approached I L N through MS. Dr. Archana and V.Ramprasad to help in marketing their NGO and marketing the products made by the students under vocational guidance. This has been agreed to be taken up on behalf of I L N by the personnel concerned, to help the NGO, in the best possible manner.

It was pointed out that due to the examination time faced by the educational institutes, activities connected with them could not be taken up. Also some of the gentlemen project drivers are yet to give a shape to the activities undertaken by them. We request them to hasten up their plans.

New activities

Generating a new revenue model for Sulabh centers which would not warrant collection of usage charges was one of them. The revenue model development has been entrusted to MS. P. N. Parnandi and Ambadas. (This is based on the input provided by one of the GHMC workers who has attended one of the meetings).

Power conservation awareness

Suggested by Mr. Ravikanth; and he is given the responsibility to prepare the plans. Along with this, he can also add up conserving water usage too as this is the need of the hour at Hyderabad and AP.

Yoga awareness program

We have already circulated detailed info on this as given by the Project Director Mr. Sreedhar. Mr.Sreedhar briefedthe members about the concept of Yoga awareness Program. He mentioned that the members have to come forward to identify the areas/community where the awareness program would be conducted so that the three yoga gurus identified would take up the program. Members felt that it would be helpful to organize such activities even for students as this would help them to overcome stress, and increase concentration. While Mr. Sreedhar suggested that all participants should give Rs.10 or Rs.20 per head so that the cost of transportation for the yoga masters can be met. At this the members gave their suggestion that organizing the awareness program should be done by I L N (including transportation charges) and that after ascertaining how many members present would be ready for regular Yoga exercises,  a plan may be devised for regular minimum contributions from those intending to come for yoga. The absence of the yoga Gurus who were expected to attend was felt by members. Suggestions were given that to create awareness, circular copies Xeroxed with feature and benefit chart for yoga exercises should be distributed by I L N at the needed avenues. It is suggested that Mr.Sreedhar should give details to be incorporated in such circulars or brochures.

Physiotherapy awareness Program

The driver of the project Dr. Archana, Physiotherapist, has come forward to organize such a program along with a leading orthopedic Dr. Prabhat Reddy  of Apollo Hospitals.  The program is to create awareness of Knee joint pains and cure by physiotherapy and where necessary by Surgery. Since this problem is prevalent in senior citizens, Mr.P.N.Parnandhi, has volunteered to make arrangements for conducting one such camp on the 24th of Feb at Dr. A.S Rao Nagar, community. He has also volunteered to contact the Dr concerned and has met him once on the 11th at Apollo Hospital and arrangements are now in discussion and planning stage. All members present felt, they would like to attend this program and make it a grand success.  We are still awaiting the confirmation of the professionals who would be conducting the program. We will request all members to keenly look forward to this, await further confirmation, and attend such programs and make them a grand success. ONLY THE ESTEEMED MEMBERS PRESENCE WOULD MAKE ILN A NAME TO BE REMEMBERED.

ILN Banner

Since I L N has no banners with any logo, as per their request, we are now working on developing a new banner only with the lettering as given in I L N website and not any logo. The responsibility of completing this activity is taken up MS.. Ambadas and Udayan Bakshi.


To meet these petty expenses, members felt that the funds being collected (we have collected from those who volunteered in the December meet) Rs.500 each. Now the body agreed that all members would contribute Rs. 100/month to start with so that these petty expenses in organizing the awareness programs would be met by I L N-Hyderabad chapter. We request all members of I L N Hyderabad chapter to come forward to pay their monthly contribution of Rs.100/=(Rs. one hundred only) to strengthen I L N chapter at Hyderabad. This may kindly be handed over to Mr. Ambadas at The Calculus who has volunteered to keep the amount in custody and keep accounts.

Election of governing body

It is very important for the chapter to have a small elected group to govern the activities of the chapter. Now just a few individuals are volunteering to do all the jobs. When we collect any funds, we should be able to operate with a bank account which should be operated by minimum of 2 persons. This needs to be supported by a resolution of the members. Since ONLY 9 members were present the election of office bearers has been postponed. And this cannot be done indefinitely. The next month (Mar) meeting members have to be either nominated or elected. For this we request all members to make their presence a must. Also this would give you a chance to make your monthly subscriptions to the chapter. Please make sure that you are present. You may kindly inform thecalculushyd@gmail.com/ vrphyd@gmail.com about your views on this and the dates that you propose for the meeting in March. The first Saturday in March also falls on 2nd. Also please come forward to say whether Saturday or Sunday would be preferable.

Email from Mr. Manoj Acharya on I L N agenda and the thoughts for 2013 dated 18th Jan:  This email is very clear on many aspects. Mr. V. Ramprasad went through the many salient features of this email and explained the various issues. Many members have not gone through the email and some have just glanced through the same. We request you to kindly go through the email and browse the link provided that gives you clear idea of I L N. For your information, we are providing the link again: http://www.indialeadership.net/about/

In case any of you would still like to seek any clarifications, please do send in your email to thecalculushyd@gmail.com/ vrphyd@gmail.com.

Comrades in Leadership, let us do something unique; something that would help to develop Leadership at grass root levels. We can include, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Retired people, Students and even home makers as members. First let each one of us bring in another member and let all of us become active members.

With kind regards and Warm wishes,

Yours Truly,

For I L N Hyderabad chapter,

Varanasi Ramprasad.

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