February 20, 2013

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Health Awareness Program held on 13th January, 2013

Report on the Senior Citizen Health Awareness Program conducted by Dr. Y. Raghavaiah held on  Sunday the 13th January, 2013 at the Central Government Pensioners Forum, Sitaphalmandi, Secunderabad. 

The meeting was attended by nearly 75 members and lasted for over 90 minutes.

Dr. Raghavaiah, an active member of the ILN Hyderabad Chapter, conducted the program at the Central Government Pensioners Forum, Sitaphalmandi, Secunderabad under the joint banner of  ILN, Hyderabad Chapter and Chak De Bharath. Chak De Bharath is a voluntary organization founded by Dr. Raghavaiah.

Dr. Raghavaiah lucidly explained the various health issues faced by the senior citizens and the precautions one should regularly take to ensure that minor issues are avoided all together.  He discussed the 21st century challenges faced by the retired and occupationally inactive elderly people and narrated a very genuine circumstance found in many homes today. He provided the psychological angle of the health issues and family environment in which we live.    Dr. Raghavaiah gave many valuable insights on why situations arise and how the elderly citizens can overcome the situation. At the end of the presentation a very useful question and answer session was also held.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum requested that they would like to have more programs like this on various topics and issues relevant to the senior citizens.

Dr. Raghavaiah was presented with a shawl by the forum organizing committee and the Program ended with a Vote of Thanks. 

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