December 5, 2012

ILN Pune Meetup Nov 23rd Summary

The 2nd Meetup of the Pune Chapter of ILN was attended by 15 people; in addition to brief introduction some fruitful discussions also took place:

We agreed that each meeting will have a rotating coordinator and secretary. The coordinator is responsible for keeping group focused and maintaining decorum, the  secretary responsible for keeping track of meeting discussion points, and sharing with entire group after the meeting. Each coordinated is empowered to decide on the meeting venue, and the rest of us will support.

Rohit Kulkarni and Vinay Darp will lead the forthcoming Meetup which is tentatively scheduled for the 14th of December.

Issue of money-handling specific for meetings: Any shared costs if applicable will be distributed  at the end of each meeting, no accounts will be kept pending.

We have brainstormed a few ideas for projects though we did run out of time and all members could not share their ideas. Each of those ideas is listed below. We have formed sub-teams for each idea. Teams were formed and each of these will present a plan on the strategy for executing the project in the December Meetup.

Initiative ideas discussed

  1. Inculcating traffic sense among educated people

Core group for this idea: Sucheta Deshpande, Smitha Kulkarni, Rohit Kulkarni, Irfan Awate, Waseem Shaikh

  1. Snehalay - an institution that supports kids with cerebral palsy

Core group for this idea: Manpreet Singh, Rahul Bora, Sharmishtha Nagarkatti

  1. Development of entrepreneurship & leadership skills in schools & colleges

Core group for this idea: Arvind Peehal, Venkat Srinivasan, Arvind Patil

A few of the members are yet to decide upon a project of their choice or decide to join an existing one.

Forthcoming Meetup

Date: 14th December

Time of Commencement: 1900hrs

Venue: To be confirmed

Contacts for Next Meetup

Rohit Kulakrni - 9689898075 /

Vinay Darp -

Venkat Srinivasan - 9975689461 /

Sharmishtha Nagarkatti - 9923590313 /

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