December 28, 2012

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Parental Counseling Program held at MedhoSampathhi, Hyderabad on 6th Dec.

The meeting was held under the banner of MedhoSampathhi and Parivar, the parents association of the intellectually challenged children at the premises of MedhoSampathhi, Kukatpally. On behalf of   I L N Hyderabad chapter Mr. V. Ramprasad, President and CEO of Smart Trainers and Consultants was invited to be the Chief Guest.

Parent's anxiety-2 A V.Ramprasad's address V R P 3 Pariwar's attention An anxious parent Mrs. Meena-MedhoSampathhi  MD Pariwar's VP addresses DR. Archana addresses the gathering An anxious parent interacting with Mr. V. Ramprasad
The I L N Hyderabad Chapter was prominent by its display of their banner and was represented by three of its members

  • Dr. Archana-Physiotherapist (she does voluntary work at the School)

  • Mr. K. Prabhakar &

  • Mr. V. Ramprasad- the Chief Guest of the evening.

The meeting had a sizable audience of Parents, the challenged children & members of Parivar. The ILN members were taken around the school and explained their various activities. To give vocational guidance to the intellectually challenged children, they are being trained in making paper plates, detergents and cleaning materials, candles and even chocolates along with chocolate wrappings. The members of ILN greatly appreciated the training provided by MedhoSampathhi, run by Mrs. Meena.

Mr.Ramprasad dealt the three common factors of Inheritance, Psychic factors and Environmental factors that affect the mental strength of a growing child and gave lucid description of how parental love and affection must be shown more towards the challenged child than a normal child and gave some important tips for the parents in upbringing such children. He lauded the efforts of the school run by MedhoSampathhi. Quite a few parents after the discussion met Mr. Ramprasad in seeking certain clarifications regarding their children.

There was media coverage in EENADU, a popular Telugu daily in Hyderabad.
ILN Hyderabad chapter decides to work for the cause of the needy.

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