December 27, 2012

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Meeting Minutes for 22nd December

Venue : The Calculus, Hyderabad

Meeting held on 22/12/2012

The following members attended the meeting.

  • Dr. Raghavaiah

  • Mr. V.Ramprasad

  • Mr. Ambadas Kshirsagar

  • Mr. K. Prabhakar

  • Mr. Naveen Kumar &

  • Mr. M. Vasanth Kumar.

M/s. K.V.N. Parthasarathy, Mr.Sreedhar and Dr. Archana, the other active members could not attend the meeting.


  1. Introductions

  2. Recap of the last meeting minutes

  3. Follow up of projects taken

  4. Funds and priorities

  5. Regular meeting place

  6. I L N proposed meeting for the chapter in Feb/March on contributory basis

  7. Other matters.

The two new members for this meeting Mr. Naveen Kumar and Mr. Vasanth introduced themselves. Mr. Naveen is the founder CEO of Focus I and Mr. Vasanth is also playing a role in this firm.

Following this, Mr.Ramprasad gave a quick recap of last meeting and also briefed about the activities undertaken by the chapter. He gave a lucid account of the Parent counseling meet held on 6th Dec and showed the media coverage. (See separate minutes of this meet being posted). He also informed the house that the program of Yoga awareness under the leadership of Mr. N. Sreedhar and the Physiotherapy awareness Program by Dr. Archana are on and are being actively planned for implementation shortly.

Regarding funds, the members gave Rs. 500 each to start with as a backup for office maintenance and for petty expenses. Mr. Ambadas has volunteered to maintain the accounts. It was also decided that since The Calculus is quite a central place, where the chapter can meet as of now, until the number of active members increases. Dr. Raghavaiah volunteered that with sufficient notice, he would be able to organize medical camps at any location. Mr. Naveen expressed his desire that he would also work for the project of Training unemployed youth. He invited Mr. Ramprasad to participate in such activities.

The members reviewed the announcement for conducting a mass program involving 150-200 members at Hyderabad in March/April 2013. It was pointed out by some of the members present that last year one such activity was held, where in the members were asked to send articles and the result of such activity was not known. This year too, at the present strength of having just around 9-10 active members (It has gone up from 4-10) it would not be prudent to think of organizing such an activity.

The members decided that first they should strengthen the chapter through various social activities as decided. The activities have to be initiated at various levels and various localities and the drivers of these projects have to ensure that this moves faster. They should show commitment to the cause taken. Dr Raghavaiah felt that seminars and campaigns can happen at any time and the meetings can happen once a month. Following the suggestion by Mr. Prabhakar it was agreed that till the chapter picks up momentum, regular meetings should be held twice a month.

Next Meetup

Saturday the 5th January 2013 At 5.00PM

Venue: The Calculus, Plot No.10, 1st Floor, Paigah Colony, SP Road, Lane opposite Wesley PG College, Secunderabad-500003.

The chapter requests all members to become more active in participation and as well organize activities to make the chapter more visible.

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