December 28, 2012

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Parental Counseling Program held at MedhoSampathhi, Hyderabad on 6th Dec.

The meeting was held under the banner of MedhoSampathhi and Parivar, the parents association of the intellectually challenged children at the premises of MedhoSampathhi, Kukatpally. On behalf of   I L N Hyderabad chapter Mr. V. Ramprasad, President and CEO of Smart Trainers and Consultants was invited to be the Chief Guest.

Parent's anxiety-2 A V.Ramprasad's address V R P 3 Pariwar's attention An anxious parent Mrs. Meena-MedhoSampathhi  MD Pariwar's VP addresses DR. Archana addresses the gathering An anxious parent interacting with Mr. V. Ramprasad
The I L N Hyderabad Chapter was prominent by its display of their banner and was represented by three of its members

  • Dr. Archana-Physiotherapist (she does voluntary work at the School)

  • Mr. K. Prabhakar &

  • Mr. V. Ramprasad- the Chief Guest of the evening.

The meeting had a sizable audience of Parents, the challenged children & members of Parivar. The ILN members were taken around the school and explained their various activities. To give vocational guidance to the intellectually challenged children, they are being trained in making paper plates, detergents and cleaning materials, candles and even chocolates along with chocolate wrappings. The members of ILN greatly appreciated the training provided by MedhoSampathhi, run by Mrs. Meena.

Mr.Ramprasad dealt the three common factors of Inheritance, Psychic factors and Environmental factors that affect the mental strength of a growing child and gave lucid description of how parental love and affection must be shown more towards the challenged child than a normal child and gave some important tips for the parents in upbringing such children. He lauded the efforts of the school run by MedhoSampathhi. Quite a few parents after the discussion met Mr. Ramprasad in seeking certain clarifications regarding their children.

There was media coverage in EENADU, a popular Telugu daily in Hyderabad.
ILN Hyderabad chapter decides to work for the cause of the needy.

December 27, 2012

ILN Hyderabad Chapter - Meeting Minutes for 22nd December

Venue : The Calculus, Hyderabad

Meeting held on 22/12/2012

The following members attended the meeting.

  • Dr. Raghavaiah

  • Mr. V.Ramprasad

  • Mr. Ambadas Kshirsagar

  • Mr. K. Prabhakar

  • Mr. Naveen Kumar &

  • Mr. M. Vasanth Kumar.

M/s. K.V.N. Parthasarathy, Mr.Sreedhar and Dr. Archana, the other active members could not attend the meeting.


  1. Introductions

  2. Recap of the last meeting minutes

  3. Follow up of projects taken

  4. Funds and priorities

  5. Regular meeting place

  6. I L N proposed meeting for the chapter in Feb/March on contributory basis

  7. Other matters.

The two new members for this meeting Mr. Naveen Kumar and Mr. Vasanth introduced themselves. Mr. Naveen is the founder CEO of Focus I and Mr. Vasanth is also playing a role in this firm.

Following this, Mr.Ramprasad gave a quick recap of last meeting and also briefed about the activities undertaken by the chapter. He gave a lucid account of the Parent counseling meet held on 6th Dec and showed the media coverage. (See separate minutes of this meet being posted). He also informed the house that the program of Yoga awareness under the leadership of Mr. N. Sreedhar and the Physiotherapy awareness Program by Dr. Archana are on and are being actively planned for implementation shortly.

Regarding funds, the members gave Rs. 500 each to start with as a backup for office maintenance and for petty expenses. Mr. Ambadas has volunteered to maintain the accounts. It was also decided that since The Calculus is quite a central place, where the chapter can meet as of now, until the number of active members increases. Dr. Raghavaiah volunteered that with sufficient notice, he would be able to organize medical camps at any location. Mr. Naveen expressed his desire that he would also work for the project of Training unemployed youth. He invited Mr. Ramprasad to participate in such activities.

The members reviewed the announcement for conducting a mass program involving 150-200 members at Hyderabad in March/April 2013. It was pointed out by some of the members present that last year one such activity was held, where in the members were asked to send articles and the result of such activity was not known. This year too, at the present strength of having just around 9-10 active members (It has gone up from 4-10) it would not be prudent to think of organizing such an activity.

The members decided that first they should strengthen the chapter through various social activities as decided. The activities have to be initiated at various levels and various localities and the drivers of these projects have to ensure that this moves faster. They should show commitment to the cause taken. Dr Raghavaiah felt that seminars and campaigns can happen at any time and the meetings can happen once a month. Following the suggestion by Mr. Prabhakar it was agreed that till the chapter picks up momentum, regular meetings should be held twice a month.

Next Meetup

Saturday the 5th January 2013 At 5.00PM

Venue: The Calculus, Plot No.10, 1st Floor, Paigah Colony, SP Road, Lane opposite Wesley PG College, Secunderabad-500003.

The chapter requests all members to become more active in participation and as well organize activities to make the chapter more visible.

December 21, 2012

ILN Bangalore Event Summary - 15th Dec 2012

[caption id="attachment_361" align="alignleft" width="300"]Mr. Abhijit from APD Mr. Abhijit from APD[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_362" align="alignleft" width="300"]Mr. Lalit chug talked about "Structure for ILN" Mr. Lalit chug talked about "Structure for ILN"[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_360" align="alignleft" width="300"]Talk by Mr. Winston Jacob on "Action learning" Talk by Mr. Winston Jacob on "Action learning"[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_359" align="alignleft" width="300"]Network and Tea time Network and Tea time[/caption]

We are very happy to inform that we had our first event on 15th Dec 2012, Where the participants were from business schools students, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and other individuals were there.

The program started with Coffee and network session, followed by a talk by Mr. Winston Jacob, who talked about “Action Learning” he highlighted on some topics of Leadership qualities and his life experiences in developing leaders at various organizations.

We have invited a director Mr. Abhijeet, from APD, this organization has got a mission of creating 10,000 jobs for disabled people. We have connected them to entrepreneur who is doing paper bags manufacturing.

Mr. Lalit Chug, has put in lot of thoughts and efforts in creating a sustainable organizational structure for the ILN-Bangalore Chapter, he talked about the same. We will have more detailed discussion on the same in upcoming meetings.

Also Mr. Jacob and Mr. Dr. Manohar extended there help to get us a place for free of cost in some of the reputed institutions, we are working on the same for our upcoming meetings.

Ms. Sonia Jaspal, did the moderation of the whole program.

Our upcoming meeting will be on 19th Jan 2013, let us have a fresh look and with lots of energy make this meeting good success. The Agenda and Venue will be announced later on.

warm regards
ILN-Bangalore chapter team


December 12, 2012

Join the December Meetup of ILN Pune Chapter!

The upcoming ILN Pune Chapter Meetup is round the corner, join us and together we will make it a delightful evening.

Date: Friday, 14th December
Time: Strictly from 1900 hrs to 2030 hrs
Venue: Cafe Coffee Day on FC Road (map given below)

  • Agenda: Team Building activities, Brief discussion on progress if any made on projects , Date and convener for January Meetup

Cover Charge: Rs 100/- (to be paid to Sharmishtha/Venkat/Rohit) at the venue upon arrival.

See you there!

[caption id="attachment_351" align="alignright" width="292"] Map to Venue for December Meetup[/caption]

Rohit Kulkarni (9689898075/
Vinay Darp (
Venkat Srinivasan (9975689461/
Sharmishtha Nagarkatti (9923590313/

December 11, 2012

ILN Chennai Chapter Meetup - 15th December 2012

The Chennai Chapter of ILN will be meeting on the 15th of December 2012. Meeting begins at 5 PM sharp.


Coffee World on C.P. Ramasamy Road, Alwarpet.


To share experiences and feedback for November 17th meeting (ILN Fruncido), and to plan the journey ahead for the Chennai Chapter.


Call/sms/email Navin Kumaar. S on 9884804105 / to confirm your attendance and for directions.

ILN-Bangalore Event - 15th Dec 2012, 5:30 PM

The team of India Leadership Network-Bangalore Chapter is very happy to announce our next event. We invite you to make this event successful and forward the same invitation to your friends and colleagues.

Event Details

Date : 15th Dec 2012
Time : 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Venue : Hotel Orchid, Manipal Center, Dickenson Road, Bangalore


5.30 – 6.30PM Registration, Network and Tea
6.30 – 7.30 PM “The Power of Action Learning”- Talk by Mr. Winston Jacob
7.30 – 7.45PM Director, Association of Physically Disabled highlights APD’s
7.45 – 8.00PM Presentation on “Used Books Donation Project” by coordinators


Please confirm your registration by filling the form at

Registration Fee : Rs. 450/-

Event Contacts

Renu 9448818701

Raghu 9972611990
Sonia 9742652428

December 5, 2012

ILN Pune Meetup Nov 23rd Summary

The 2nd Meetup of the Pune Chapter of ILN was attended by 15 people; in addition to brief introduction some fruitful discussions also took place:

We agreed that each meeting will have a rotating coordinator and secretary. The coordinator is responsible for keeping group focused and maintaining decorum, the  secretary responsible for keeping track of meeting discussion points, and sharing with entire group after the meeting. Each coordinated is empowered to decide on the meeting venue, and the rest of us will support.

Rohit Kulkarni and Vinay Darp will lead the forthcoming Meetup which is tentatively scheduled for the 14th of December.

Issue of money-handling specific for meetings: Any shared costs if applicable will be distributed  at the end of each meeting, no accounts will be kept pending.

We have brainstormed a few ideas for projects though we did run out of time and all members could not share their ideas. Each of those ideas is listed below. We have formed sub-teams for each idea. Teams were formed and each of these will present a plan on the strategy for executing the project in the December Meetup.

Initiative ideas discussed

  1. Inculcating traffic sense among educated people

Core group for this idea: Sucheta Deshpande, Smitha Kulkarni, Rohit Kulkarni, Irfan Awate, Waseem Shaikh

  1. Snehalay - an institution that supports kids with cerebral palsy

Core group for this idea: Manpreet Singh, Rahul Bora, Sharmishtha Nagarkatti

  1. Development of entrepreneurship & leadership skills in schools & colleges

Core group for this idea: Arvind Peehal, Venkat Srinivasan, Arvind Patil

A few of the members are yet to decide upon a project of their choice or decide to join an existing one.

Forthcoming Meetup

Date: 14th December

Time of Commencement: 1900hrs

Venue: To be confirmed

Contacts for Next Meetup

Rohit Kulakrni - 9689898075 /

Vinay Darp -

Venkat Srinivasan - 9975689461 /

Sharmishtha Nagarkatti - 9923590313 /

December 4, 2012

ILN Hyderabad - Parent Counseling at MedhoSampathhi - Dec 6th 2012

ILN Hyderabad Chapter has undertaken a project for working with the children of MedhoSampathhi, an NGO for intellectually challenged children as part of the disability week starting from the World Disability Day (December 3, 2012). This project is being led by Dr. Archana Rupanagudi who is already providing Physiotherapy for the children of the NGO.

ILN Hyderabad has taken up the activity of parent counseling and motivation for parents of intellectually challenged children. This activity will be led by Mr. V.Ramprasad at the NGO premises on 6th December.
We welcome all ILN members of  to visit the NGO at this time and encourage their visibility program. Your help to the NGO would be a great motivator to the intellectually challenged children/persons.


MedhoSampathhi, Plot No. 19/A, Western Hills, Next to Rao Techno School, Near J N T U, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Date / Time

6th December 2012, 3.00 – 4.00 pm


About MedhoSampathhi

MedhoSampathhi is an N G O founded and started by Mrs. Y. Meena as a resultant of her own encounter in her life of the intellectually challenged child.

Situated at Kukatpally, Hyderabad, the NGO provides Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Behavioral Modification, Concept based education for Learning Disabilities, Vocational Training, NIOS and such other services to these intellectually challenged children.

The Vision of MedhoSampathhi is creation of right based society for the persons with intellectual challenges to ensure best possible state of independent living in every sphere of life through holistic approach and functional empowerment of self, family & society.

Its Mission is to constantly promote the wellbeing and protect the rights of persons with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism & multiple disabilities by creating environment friendly to them, empowering them improving their functional ability through services and facilitating emotional support from the senior citizens of the community.

To know more, visit /