November 15, 2012

ILN Pune - Next Steps & November Meetup

The first Meetup of ILN Pune was in two parts to suit the convenience of the 8 people who could make it. Since then, some 40 odd people have shown interest in attending the November Meetup. A summary of the points discussed and suggestions made so far are:

  • Meetings will be held once every 4 to 6 weeks and on Fridays and as far as possible, we will alternate the venue between areas of Pune: Deccan and Camp/Koregaon Park.

  • We will adhere to the rules laid down by ILN and do so strictly.

  • A committee will be formed only when we have approximately 40 members who have attended meetings.

  • The convener for each meet will be rotated to optimise the leadership skills of individuals within the group.

  • Possibility of each role in the committee being handled by two separate people to ensure the smooth functioning of the group

  • A start and end time will be fixed for each Meet Up so as to ensure timeliness and punctuality is maintained.

  • At this nascent stage, we will be keen as much to know more about each other as to speak about ourselves; towards this end, members will visit each other’s Linked In pages rather than take up too much time in introductions during the Meet Up.

  • Each member will be invited to present what they do at a meeting in the near future, to enable all to understand individual areas of strength and professional backgrounds.

  • Individual strengths and expertise will be noted down, to not just to network, but also, contribute most appropriately to the activities of the group.

  • Members will think of two projects that we can take up and share their ideas in the November Meet Up.

Next Meetup

Date: 23rd November

Time: Strictly 1900 - 2100hrs

Venue:  To be confirmed by Citibank who is sponsoring the Meetup

Agenda: Will be circulated shortly

Chapter Contact

Sharmishtha Nagarkatti +919923590313 /

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