November 30, 2012

ILN Hyderabad Meetup - Nov 24 2012 at Begumpet

Details of topics selected under educational, training and developmental field for India Leadership Network - Hyderabad Chapter.

1. Life Management in Adolescents - Positive actions and development for young generation

This is a topic that would be held for those adolescents completing their Inter or +2 and going into colleges. Mostly these youngsters are getting grounded in institutes like Narayana/Vikas etc. and are unable to come to grip with their life and college when they enter into a professional atmosphere. Also the strains of adolescence play a part in changing their atmosphere. Hence under this inspirational and motivational session that may run for a couple of hours, we would try to bring these facts into focus.

The target audience for this topic would be the students of inter going into colleges especially the corporate ones as listed above.

Driver of the project : Mr. V. Ramprasad (+91-9849373538 , /

2. Job training for unemployed youth

This topic would be highlighted in professional colleges through motivational session high lighting the opportunities available for them and how to overcome the same. At the same time we would also try to address faculty training which is also equally important in these institutions. We would identify any class of students who cannot attend training sessions for development because of their family background and tray to provide either free or cost subsidized training to them.

Target: Professional colleges in and around Hyderabad.

Driver of the project: Mr. K.V.N. Parthasarathy (91-9951749477,

3. Teachers’ Training for Govt. teachers

The faculty training for Teachers now being conducted by Mr. V. Ramprasad at various private schools has two aspects.

A. To conduct faculty training in teaching based on understanding the pupil’s mind. This is a workshop based on an international expert Neuro-muscular Pediatrician by name, DR Mel Levin, MD of US and is a customized product for Indian teachers. This successful program (both National and International) as conducted by Mr. V.Ramprasad of Smart Trainers and Consultants, Hyderabad, would be offered free of cost of Training Consulting, to deserving Govt. school teachers (Pri-Primary to Secondary) so that they become professionally qualified in turning a good pupil ratio. This would help in laying a strong foundation in schools from a very young age.

B. The second aspect of this program would be the 7 habits for effective teaching, which would help the teacher to balance his/her life and profession while improving her own set standards of teaching.

Driver of the project : Mr. V. Ramprasad (+91-9849373538 , /

The drivers for all these topics would mutually help each other in these projects and would request help from those of the chapter as per need and suitability.

We appreciate the help already being rendered by Mr. N. Sreedhar, of People Search Services, a new entrant in the Hyderabad Chapter who has identified some schools out -side Hyderabad. Mr. K. Prabhakar of Smart Trainers and Consultants has also come forward to help.

We request all Hyderabad chapter members to come forward to take up such projects and as well as identify projects that they would like to initiate.

Please contact the Drivers of Projects mentioned to help and assist of any kind that you may offer.

Upcoming projects

Oncology (Cancer) Awareness Program

On 2nd December at S R Nagar.
Driver of the project: Dr. Y.V. Raghavaiah (+9194406320243,

Yoga awareness Program

We congratulate Mr. N. Sreedhar of people Search Services for already identifying three yoga gurus who are willing to initiate this project. Expected to begin soon.

Driver of the project: Mr. N. Sreedhar (+91-9912897543,

Physiotherapy Awareness Program

Expected to begin soon.

Project Driver: Dr. Archana Rupanagudi (+91-9963205484,

Chapter Contacts

 Dr. Y.V. Raghavaiah : +9194406320243,

Mr. V. Ramprasad : +91-9849373538 , /

Mr. Ambadas Ksirsagar : +91-8008886222,

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