November 7, 2012

ILN Delhi Meetup minutes - 3rd November 2012

Venue: 1st floor, FL-2 Building, Market Complex, Sector 8, RK Puram, New Delhi – 110022
Date and time: 3 November 2012, 3.00 – 6.30 pm


There were twenty-five attendees: S A Chari, Mohandas Menon, Abhishek Sharma, Dhruva Trivedy, Vidisha Srivastava, Pradeep Kala, Vineet Arora, Mamta Verma, CK Taneja, Ratna Devi, Sameer Mathur, Deepak Ruchandani, Rahul Kumar, Maheshwari Jani, Harinder Singh, Rekha Deshmukh, Anirban Bera, Ankita Gupta, Anuj Gupta, Jawahar Sen, Vinod Dumblekar, Sanjay Suri, Sanjeev Sharma, Ashok Kumar, and Daljeet Singh.

Leave of absence: Nine ILN members who had initially confirmed their attendance did not attend but had intimated their absence on LinkedIn and by email to the ILN meeting organisers.


The proceedings started at 3:15 pm with a brief welcome by Mohandas Menon, who then handed the floor to Dhruva Trivedy as the Convener and Chairman for this meeting to direct and moderate the issues and discussions. Mohandas Menon provided active support to manage the floor, all along.

Attendees registered themselves between 3.00 and 3.30 pm with a payment of Rs 150 each for the refreshments. Abhishek Sharma and Vidisha Srivastava were in active charge of the registration formalities and ushering in the guests.

Each attendee introduced himself / herself within a minute or so, individually to the group and explained the background they came from.

A briefing was done by the Convener as to how the proceedings were expected to follow
Dr. C.K.Taneja was invited to address the gathering with his understanding of Leadership. He spoke briefly about resilience and its impact on leadership. Leaders were different because they had purpose and passion. Today, the customer sought better products and faster services at lesser prices. In response, the business resorted to cost optimization and productivity. With pressure on better performance, people experienced stress, attrition, conflicts, and burnout. It was here that leadership helped to handle changes with different educational and leadership styles. Some answers were found in newer learning of behaviour, strategic thinking, problem solving, and performance management methods. Businesses faced problems due to competition, which was never healthy. Leaders create synergy, vision, meaning, team work, shared goals, and a fun-filled space.

To determine issues for the agenda of the next meeting, Vidisha Srivastava – under the Convenor’s guidance - listed 14 of the most important expectations received from the attendees. Attendees discussed and brainstormed themes of business, networking, society, speakers and the possible nature of topics, personal development, and writing a book. Finally after a long discussion, this list was re-cast, eliminating some items, and condensing others into meaningful labels. The final list of expectations is shown here:

  1. Networking for:

    1. for meeting leaders from other verticals and with different leadership styles and team practices

    2. for identifying and exploring areas of complementary interest

    3. to discover areas in Leadership that have remained unexplored and value add to subscribe to the concept and prevalent processes.

  2. To develop a group of professionals responsible for shaping a better social and economic environment around us

  3. Sameer suggested that each of us could write a chapter for a book to be published later

  4. To guide and mentor each other on specific issues of leadership

Attendees took a 20-minute break for tea and refreshments, and used the period of 20 minutes to meet and talk to each other.

Discussions that followed after the break was to accord a final shape to the expectations.
C.K. Taneja suggested and Mohan agreed that the objectives could be worked upon by the forum and they need to be classified into the four buckets of


This was agreed by all present.

The suggestions regarding the expectations finally short-listed by the forum were to be sorted ou accordingly. Rahul Kumar volunteered to organise them in an excel format, so that value additions could be made

It was also decided to get into the formation of groups for activating the expectations finalised in the next meeting

For the next meeting, Pradeep Kala and Sameer Mathur agreed to deliver talks on aspects of leadership, within the final expectation list detailed above. Mohandas Menon offered to bring external speakers if we had better venue, an assured quorum of a larger audience, and a clear theme for a talk, in future.

Abhishek Sharma was nominated as and he agreed to be the Treasurer, on an interim basis. It was agreed that the balance left over from the contributions would form part of the corpus for future meetings.

Next Meetup

The next meeting was proposed and agreed to be on the 1st Dec 2012, and from 3.00pm - 6.00pm. After some brainstorming it was concluded that the intended venue may remain the same or may be shifted to the IIT cafeteria depending on availability. The venue will be finalized before the end of next week.

The meeting ended with a brief vote of thanks by Sameer Mathur. The Chairman formally closed the meeting at 6:30 pm

Chapter Contacts

Dhruva Trivedy / +91-9811140996
Mohan Menon / +91-9811599663
Dhiraj Gyani / +91-9811198920
S.A. Chari / +91-9810012529
C.K.Taneja / +91-9999028966
Vinod Dumblekar / +91-9818631280

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