October 18, 2012

ILN Pune Meetup - 14th Oct

The Pune Chapter of Local Meet Ups of India Leadership network met for the first time on the 14th of October, in what can only be called a pre meeting to make a start of sorts. It was a small group of five people:  Ms Uma Joshi, Mr A Q J Aga, Mr Sanjay Dighe, Mr Venkat Srinivasan and Ms Sharmishtha Nagarkatti; however, it was a fairly productive start and immensely interesting.  Several ideas were shared by all and some ideas of the way forward emerged.

All agreed that, at this juncture everyone will put forth their ideas and current vision of what the group will eventually focus on and that, the actual details can be finalised once  a larger group is formed and a common consensus is arrived at.

Some of the points put forward by individual members of the group, were:

  • Determination of  the goals of the group in about a month’s time; one of the ways in which this can be done is for each member to think of at least two possible projects.
  • Eventually the group can reach out to government bodies towards getting city service, such as clean roads, done.
  • Each member will be invited to present what they do at next month’s meeting, to enable all to understand individual areas of strength and professional backgrounds.
  • Individual strengths and expertise will be noted down, to not only network, but also, contribute to the activities of the group.
  • A folder of everyone’s professional portfolio with contact details and skill sets will be collated and circulated to all to avoid promotion of individual agendas during meetings and at the same time, network for professional growth and progress.
  • Determine meeting calendar for the next 3 to 6 months once a larger group is formed.
  • Rotate the convenor for each meet to optimise the leadership skills of all members and maintain a cohesive group.

Next Meeting

A second meeting for those who cannot make it on the 14th, details are:

Time: 1830hrs
Venue: Coffee Shop at Hotel Aurora Towers

Chapter Contacts

Sharmishtha Nagarkatti
+91 9923590313
sharmishtha@tripetalous.com / sharmishtha.nagarkatti@gmail.com

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  1. it is really good to see you all there! i appreciate you for your hard.... i love to join you while i am bit away from India.... my prayers & warm wishes are with you ,......