October 17, 2012

ILN Bangalore Meetup - 13th Oct

The Bangalore chapter met on 13th October 2012 at Café Coffee Day, Barton Center, MG Road, from 3:30 pm to 5PM. 18 people took part in the meeting


1. Meeting and Introduction to each other
2. Formation of Core committee
3. Project "Used Book Donation"
4. Planning to execute the same
5. Ideas are welcome from all the members and how they can be part of this program.

Topics of Discussion

1. Introduction to each other
2. Why are we  here today and what we expect from the group
3. Listed out Objective of the ILN Bangalore chapter
4. Formation of  Core Committee
5. Discussion about a Project “Used Book Donation”

I. Introduction
We are very happy to say that, we had people from all field, like Management consultants, Mentors, Biomass sector, Student, Aerospace, Healthcare. It will total mixed people from all the background with rich in experience.

II. Why are we here today, and what we expect from the group
After everyone answered this question we listed out objectives of the group

1. Network and Grow, Help Each other
2. Mentoring
3. Environmental and Social causes
4. Health Care
5. Volunteering

III. Formation of core committee
We will discuss about qualities of the core committee next meeting and then start formation of the core committee.

IV. Project “Used Book Donation”
We will make a sub group who will be interested in this project, and then discuss and make a strategy how to execute the same. This will be done next meeting.

Next Event

Out next meeting will be on 17th Nov 2012, from 3PM to 5PM, we will announce the Venue shortly. Please keep your calendar blocked for the same day.

Agenda for next meeting :
1. Network and Introduction to each other
2. Discuss about qualities of the Core Committee members
3. Formation of Mentoring Group
4. Formation of sub group for “Used Book Donation”

Chapter Contacts

Renuka Manoj
E-mail : renu333@gmail.com

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