October 26, 2012

ILN Hyderabad Meetup - 14th Oct

The meeting took place in the apartment complex of Dr. Raghavaiah at Sanathnagar, Hyderabad, with 5 people attending.

  1. Dr. Raghavaiah
  2. Mr.Varanasi Ramprasad
  3. Mr. Muralidhar 
  4. Ms. Raghusudha Bommidi.
  5. Mr. Krishna Reddy. 

The highlight was each one of us were from different locations of the city like Dilsukhnagar, Sanathnagar, Ameerpet, Kukatpally and Kondapur. The backgrounds were different, with an mix of young and senior members. It was observed that many more had expressed their inability to attend this particular meet.

While some topics were discussed, it was felt that we would take up social causes even at local level and area specific and initially the following topics were thought about.

  • Traffic congestion
  • Health care
  • Education. 

Next Meeting

Since only limited members were present it was thought to organize the next meet at a more central place and hence Dr. Raghavaiah suggested the next meet at Public Gardens, Nampally on the 11th of November. Members were asked to suggest projects that they are keen on taking up.

Chapter Contacts

Dr.Raghavaiah, 9440632043 yvraghavaiah@hotmail.com
V.Ramprasad - 9849373538 ramprasad@smartraining.in

October 18, 2012

ILN Pune Meetup - 14th Oct

The Pune Chapter of Local Meet Ups of India Leadership network met for the first time on the 14th of October, in what can only be called a pre meeting to make a start of sorts. It was a small group of five people:  Ms Uma Joshi, Mr A Q J Aga, Mr Sanjay Dighe, Mr Venkat Srinivasan and Ms Sharmishtha Nagarkatti; however, it was a fairly productive start and immensely interesting.  Several ideas were shared by all and some ideas of the way forward emerged.

All agreed that, at this juncture everyone will put forth their ideas and current vision of what the group will eventually focus on and that, the actual details can be finalised once  a larger group is formed and a common consensus is arrived at.

Some of the points put forward by individual members of the group, were:

  • Determination of  the goals of the group in about a month’s time; one of the ways in which this can be done is for each member to think of at least two possible projects.
  • Eventually the group can reach out to government bodies towards getting city service, such as clean roads, done.
  • Each member will be invited to present what they do at next month’s meeting, to enable all to understand individual areas of strength and professional backgrounds.
  • Individual strengths and expertise will be noted down, to not only network, but also, contribute to the activities of the group.
  • A folder of everyone’s professional portfolio with contact details and skill sets will be collated and circulated to all to avoid promotion of individual agendas during meetings and at the same time, network for professional growth and progress.
  • Determine meeting calendar for the next 3 to 6 months once a larger group is formed.
  • Rotate the convenor for each meet to optimise the leadership skills of all members and maintain a cohesive group.

Next Meeting

A second meeting for those who cannot make it on the 14th, details are:

Time: 1830hrs
Venue: Coffee Shop at Hotel Aurora Towers

Chapter Contacts

Sharmishtha Nagarkatti
+91 9923590313
sharmishtha@tripetalous.com / sharmishtha.nagarkatti@gmail.com

ILN Chennai Meetup - 13th Oct

ILN Chennai meetup was on 13th Oct 2012 at Coffee World, Abhiramapuram which was attended by 13 people.


1. To form a core team
2. To plan for an event

The following have nominated themselves to be part of the core team:

1. Navin Kumaar.S
2. Venkata Krishnan.S
3. Visukumar Gopal
4. Siva Shyam Kumar Mogili
5. Shaifali Veda

Next Event

We have planned for an event (networking) on 17th Nov, 2012.   We discussed on certain themes for 17th Nov event. A few ideas were discussed.  Finally it was decided that the decision about the theme rest with the core team.  This was primarily done for want of time.

The core team is meeting on 20th Oct, 2012 at the same venue at 5pm to discuss about the 17th Nov event. More people are welcome to join us to help us in organizing.

Chapter Contacts

Navin Kumaar.S 9884804105 navin@navsar.in
Venkata Krishnan.S 9500124101 venkat.k@dnmindia.in
Visukumar Gopal 9962512524 visukumar_gopal@syntelinc.com
Siva Shyam Kumar Mogili 9884818125 shyam.mogili@wipro.com
Shaifali Veda 9500104487

October 17, 2012

ILN Bangalore Meetup - 13th Oct

The Bangalore chapter met on 13th October 2012 at Café Coffee Day, Barton Center, MG Road, from 3:30 pm to 5PM. 18 people took part in the meeting


1. Meeting and Introduction to each other
2. Formation of Core committee
3. Project "Used Book Donation"
4. Planning to execute the same
5. Ideas are welcome from all the members and how they can be part of this program.

Topics of Discussion

1. Introduction to each other
2. Why are we  here today and what we expect from the group
3. Listed out Objective of the ILN Bangalore chapter
4. Formation of  Core Committee
5. Discussion about a Project “Used Book Donation”

I. Introduction
We are very happy to say that, we had people from all field, like Management consultants, Mentors, Biomass sector, Student, Aerospace, Healthcare. It will total mixed people from all the background with rich in experience.

II. Why are we here today, and what we expect from the group
After everyone answered this question we listed out objectives of the group

1. Network and Grow, Help Each other
2. Mentoring
3. Environmental and Social causes
4. Health Care
5. Volunteering

III. Formation of core committee
We will discuss about qualities of the core committee next meeting and then start formation of the core committee.

IV. Project “Used Book Donation”
We will make a sub group who will be interested in this project, and then discuss and make a strategy how to execute the same. This will be done next meeting.

Next Event

Out next meeting will be on 17th Nov 2012, from 3PM to 5PM, we will announce the Venue shortly. Please keep your calendar blocked for the same day.

Agenda for next meeting :
1. Network and Introduction to each other
2. Discuss about qualities of the Core Committee members
3. Formation of Mentoring Group
4. Formation of sub group for “Used Book Donation”

Chapter Contacts

Renuka Manoj
E-mail : renu333@gmail.com