March 13, 2012

Imagine Leadership


  1. Leaders rarely come with a brand, but are molded through the hot & cold treatment of severe business realities. Most of the corporations have established well funded and monitored programs to groom leaders for the new millennium, but very few can vouch that these programs are working to a plan. The infographic below serves the right components for a leadership program in the new economic world order.

  2. Wow this is a nice video.. we need more Corporate Social Responsibility..

  3. Excellent, energising video.
    Good to be a realist but 2nd ,third---- plans or ideas out of the box need to be carried out without fear in the mind. .Research gives you patents for innovative ideas but do not highlights the failure it has to witness.

    CSR injects moral boost to budding leaders in time .

    Dr.Rekha Deshmukh